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Pinnacle recognizes the vital importance of safety and the significance it holds to both project success, and company integrity, therefore safety is Pinnacles top priority. Pinnacles policies and procedures reflect our impeccable standards, and our safety record continues to serve as testament to our commitment.

Comanche Peak Steam Electric Station


Project Location: Glen Rose, Texas

Client: Bechtel Corporation

Scope: Provide project management, supervision and craftsmen necessary to support the removal and reinstallation / replacement of piping and related components to facilitate the removal and replacement of steam generators.

Comanche Peak Steam Electric Station - Steam Generator Replacement Outage

Pinnacle was selected to support the secondary side piping and related component work associated with the replacement of four steam generators at the CPSES facility. Pinnacle provided a project manager, superintendents, supervisors, safety personnel and craftsmen required to support the project. The total number of Pinnacle employees supporting the project was in excess of one hundred.

During the course of this work Pinnacle supported the removal of piping and components connected to the old steam generators in preparation for their removal, installed temporary pipe supports on main steam piping, main and auxiliary feedwater piping and on various sampling, level and instrumentation piping, and installed radiation shielding to cover the nozzles where piping had been removed. Pinnacle performed prefabrication of piping and pipe supports, which included the main feedwater, auxiliary feedwater, and various sampling, level control and instrumentation systems. Pinnacle performed the final prepping, fitting and welding of piping and pipe supports which included the installation of approximately three hundred feet of redesigned main feedwater and installation of eight new pipe supports. All of the piping and components were safety related.

Pinnacle completed all of its work activities approximately two weeks ahead of schedule, which cleared the way for a world record setting project. Pinnacle had zero OSHA recordable and zero lost time accidents during the project and zero incidents of work practice violations.