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Pinnacle recognizes the vital importance of safety and the significance it holds to both project success, and company integrity, therefore safety is Pinnacles top priority. Pinnacles policies and procedures reflect our impeccable standards, and our safety record continues to serve as testament to our commitment.

San Onofre Power Generating Station

Project Location: San Clemente, CA

Client: Bechtel

Scope: Provide Supervision and Craftsmen necessary to perform demolition and replacement of safety related piping, supports, instrumentation and related components in support of an outage to replace the plants steam generators with more efficient models.

San Onofre Power Generating Station - Steam Generator Replacement Outage (Fall 10)

Pinnacle Precision Services, LLC was selected to provide craftsmen and supervision to support the demolition of piping, instrumentation, supports and related components to accommodate the removal of existing steam generators.  Upon completion of removal activities and reinstallation of new replacement steam generators, Pinnacle performed modifications and replacement activities on piping, instrumentation, supports and related components to connect the newly installed steam generators.  Pinnacle’s “first time quality” exceeded industry standards on this critical scope of work and all work was completed on or ahead of the critical path schedule.  Pinnacle maintained a perfect safety record with zero OSHA recordable accidents and zero OSHA lost time accidents.