Safety Information

Pinnacle recognizes the vital importance of safety and the significance it holds to both project success, and company integrity, therefore safety is Pinnacles top priority. Pinnacles policies and procedures reflect our impeccable standards, and our safety record continues to serve as testament to our commitment.

Digital Mapping and Alignment Services

Our digital mapping and alignment services consist of state of the art techniques utilizing various tools ranging from electronic total stations to portable coordinate measuring machines to laser trackers and 3D Scanners - all work being performed by experienced personnel with oversight by a licensed professional surveyor.  An example of these services include detailed dimensional data collection in conjunction with 3D modeling to ensure complex mechanical installations such as turbines, boilers, steam generators, heat exchangers and critical piping spools are installed with optimum fit-ups of welded and or bolted connections.  Judicious utilization of these methodologies have resulted in unprecedented schedule and cost savings.

We offer:

Digital Mapping utilizing Leica Laser Trackers (accuracies to sub 0.001”)

Critical dimensional data collection (i.e., deformation studies, reverse engineering data, etc.)

Layout of control datum (building lines and elevations)

Layout of critical equipment installations

Alignment of pumps, turbines, compressors, and other rotating equipment

Layout/positioning/alignment of critical machining equipment to ensure final machining of bores, holes, surfaces, etc., are completed at precise locations

Dimensional verification of machining results (flatness, concentricity, perpendicularity, etc.)

Customized solutions to solve your dimensional problems