Safety Information

Pinnacle recognizes the vital importance of safety and the significance it holds to both project success, and company integrity, therefore safety is Pinnacles top priority. Pinnacles policies and procedures reflect our impeccable standards, and our safety record continues to serve as testament to our commitment.

Pipe Fabrication

We have significant experience in fabrication of piping and components for various industries. We have ASME and NBIC accredited code stamps along with a great depth of knowledge in industry standards to meet all industry and regulatory requirements, as well as customer-specific requirements. Our personnel are hand-selected. We manage our projects well. We have quality assurance and quality control programs that meet and exceed industry standards. First-time quality is a high-focus. We are adept in all aspects quality control, including an often-overlooked component necessary and critical to minimize or eliminate rework. That is of dimensional controls and tolerances, which consistently produces results that exceed industry standards. This ensures the fabrications are absolutely of the highest quality and dimensional accuracy to help ensure ease of installation and schedule compliance.