Safety Information

Pinnacle recognizes the vital importance of safety and the significance it holds to both project success, and company integrity, therefore safety is Pinnacles top priority. Pinnacles policies and procedures reflect our impeccable standards, and our safety record continues to serve as testament to our commitment.

Piping, Boiler and Mechanical Construction, Maintenance and Modifications

We have a great depth of experience to perform complex piping and mechanical projects, from a small retrofit or modification to major new construction. We have had projects with up to several hundred-field personnel working as a team to produce stellar results. On all aspects of projects from large-bore heavy wall piping to high-pressure control oil tubing systems, to installation of boilers, pressure vessels, heat exchangers and turbines and other process related equipment. 

We provide comprehensive turnkey solutions, including such services as portable machining/pipe beveling, heat-treating, critical dimensional controls and layout, and bolt torquing and tensioning services. All this using state-of-the-art equipment and techniques being performed seamlessly within our group ensuring no scheduling delays or impacts usually associated with coordinating multiple subcontractors.