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Pinnacle is Your #1 Source for Industrial Contracting Services

Though our strategies for success may seem too simple and straight-forward, the results are rarely duplicated by our peers.

We begin by hiring the industry’s best managers, supervision and craftsmen, and create a team atmosphere where all personnel involved on a project are committed to delivering the highest quality work combined with a dedication to safety. This positive, collaborative working environment is enjoyable to our employees and fosters continued participation by these high-quality personnel.

Mission Statement

Pinnacle exists to fill a need in the industrial arena to provide high quality turnkey services in an environment of safety and professionalism unparalleled in the industry. By providing quality services in a safe manner and striving for both customer and employee satisfaction, Pinnacle will emerge as a leader in the industry and be sought out by entities in need of its services, as well as individuals seeking to join an organization that exudes fairness and appreciation to its employees.

Problem Solvers

As project problem solvers, we think and work differently than most. Pinnacles’ management have a diverse background in a number of fields and we approach challenges from different perspectives to help ensure optimum outcomes. When customers present us with a series of problems or there is a failure, we can utilize our comprehensive skill sets and knowledge base to produce detailed solutions and build or rebuild schedules to make sure that goals are met.

We are ultra-detailed and guarantee our work to be completed well within the scheduled durations.  We understand the importance of schedule compliance.  A high percentage of the work we have performed on past projects was either on or within a few hours of critical path. We have never, EVER failed to meet a scheduled obligation. One way we accomplish this is through better organizing and planning of the work effort.  In addition, we can come in where others have slipped a schedule and expedite its completion, often recovering the time lost. We consistently exceed industry standards for productivity.

We offer substantial depth of experience on major projects and provide comprehensive solutions to expedite safe, quality work.  We accomplish this primarily through our extensive project planning and detailed implementation effort and also through utilization of customized solutions, such as those involving laser trackers/3-D scanners, computer modeling and “virtual installations”.  We pride ourselves in unprecedented “first-time quality” and in meeting and exceeding customer expectations to maintain our impeccable reputation.

No other company provides a better value for the work than Pinnacle.

All our personnel undergo drug testing and extensive background checks.

The Pinnacle Difference

These are only a few examples of the many instances where innovative thinking, commitment and a team approach, coupled with flawless implementation, have resulted in substantial improvements in project performance and increased customer satisfaction.

Very Unique Service

Accelerate the schedule at no cost to you.

Pinnacle personnel have been directly responsible for reducing outage durations at power plants by utilizing innovative techniques and thinking outside the box. A few examples of this include a completely different approach to low pressure steam turbine installation and alignment during turbine upgrade projects. Pinnacle utilized “templating” techniques on replacement turbine casings and nozzles allowing for installation of extraction piping spool pieces and final machining of all weld joint preparations prior to installation of the turbine casings. This innovative approach resulted in shortening six power plant outages by approximately four days each (a total savings valuation of approximately 24 MM).

Pinnacle has designed and built many mechanical apparatus and fixtures to facilitate safe and expeditious completion of its work activities. On a recent project involving installation of four large main feedwater pipe spools during a power plant outage, with a crane intensive schedule (critical path), Pinnacle designed and built special fixtures and temporary supports that allowed for the fitting and welding of these pipe spools off of the critical path schedule. These activities were critical path because a polar crane, being heavily utilized by other work groups on critical path activities, was thought to be the only method capable of holding the spool pieces in position during the fitting and welding process. This resulted in a dramatic savings of critical path polar crane time and a significant reduction in the overall outage schedule.