Our Process

A Unique, Straightforward, and Personal Process

Pinnacle, working closely with its customers, has developed a very simple and straightforward process that is somewhat unique in the industry. Pinnacle has been able to successfully maintain a personable professional work atmosphere on all of its projects, including larger complex time critical projects with 200 plus personnel involved (Pinnacle direct employees). A brief description of the Pinnacle process is as follows:

Scope of Work

Upon initiation of interest by customer, Pinnacle works with its customer to define or develop a detailed scope of work.


With the scope of work defined, Pinnacle develops a schedule utilizing the critical path method. Included in the development of this schedule are manpower loading and other associated resource allocations.

Personnel Matching

With estimated costs, manpower loading, duration of the project and approximate start dates defined, Pinnacle carefully matches skill sets of available personnel to the project and determines its ability to commit to the project. Pinnacle will only commit to a project when it is completely satisfied that it will be able to bring to bear the necessary resources to meet and exceed customer expectations.

Project Mobilization

When a commitment has been made by Pinnacle via a proposal and a contract has been signed, Pinnacle begins the process of coordinating the mobilization of personnel and equipment to the site and the detailed planning of work packages. This effort is vitally important as it essentially creates a detailed plan of success that when adhered too will ensure compliance to the safety, quality, budgetary and scheduling commitments it has made.

Contigency Planning

Pinnacle is especially sensitive to the needs of its customer and fully commits all of its resources to ensure project success. Pinnacle takes a “failure is not an option” approach to its projects and without question plans several contingencies deep in all critical aspects of its work to ensure that no unexpected surprises could result in an unacceptable outcome or delay.

Project Management & Reporting

During the execution phase of the project, Pinnacle actively coordinates its work activities with its customer and other work groups in order to monitor scheduled progress. Project progress is recorded and reported daily to Project Managers. In addition, regularly scheduled meetings are held where project progress and daily work activities are scheduled and tracked.

Pinnacle conducts regular team meetings at the management, supervisory and craftsmen levels. Meaningful findings of these meetings are then reported to the customer on a weekly basic by way of both in-person meetings and conference calls.

Using this proven collaborative approach, Pinnacle creates a strong sense of camaraderie that further facilitates coordinated efforts that have always allowed for the successful completion of the project on behalf of the customer.

Production Capacity Information

Pinnacle has grown its business at a pace that has allowed it to become extremely familiar with its personnel and their capabilities. As a result, Pinnacle has highly skilled supervisory personnel and craftsman in sufficient numbers to perform multiple technically challenging projects simultaneously. As an example, Pinnacle has deployed more than  three hundred personnel across several projects coast to coast in the U.S. and Canada.