Overlay Welding (WOD) and Cladding Services

Professional Industrial Welding Services from Qualified Craftsmen

Maintenance on critical process related piping and pressure vessels often involve the necessity of alloy overlay welding. Wear and corrosion on some components may be unavoidable but fixable and can boost the overall performance of the equipment.  We have highly skilled and trained personnel to perform these services both in the field and in our shop.

All of our welders and welding procedures adhere to the highest industry standards, such as ASME Section IX, and ABS. A certified welding inspector is available.

Felxible Weld Overlay Solutions for Your Industry

Pinnacle offers overlay welding services for the automotive, agricultural, medical, marine, military, and many other industries. We work with aluminum, cast iron, copper, titanium, and much more. Additional services such as research and development, assembly, on-site and testing are provided. Specific overlay welding services include the following:

  • Vessels
  • Nozzle Assemblies
  • Flanges
  • Forgings
  • Pipes
  • Pipe Fittings

Utilizing Pinnacle’s full range of services, we assist in the development of strategies to produce optimal results. Ensuring equipment is functioning properly is in the details and being detailed is where we excel.