Pipe Fabrication Services

Turnkey Pipe Fabrication and Welding

With over 20 years of experience in pipe fabrication services and other related components for various industries, Pinnacle is a leader in industrial fabrication services in the Southeast United States.

What is pipe fabrication?

Pipe fabrication is the process of welding piping components such as pipe, elbows, tees, flanges, etc., into engineered piping systems in exact accordance with our customers’ design requirement.

Pinnacle holds ASME and NBIC accredited code stamps. This combined with a plethora of knowledge in pipe fabrication industry standards and regulatory requirements, as well as customer-specific requirements, Pinnacle provides custom solutions for a wide range of industries including power generation, oil & gas production, drilling, chemical, ethanol, petrochemical and more. Specifically, our pipe fabrication services include:

  • Spooling
  • Custom Fittings
  • Pipe Supports
  • Pipe Hangers/Straps
  • Weld Overlay Components
  • Explosion-Binded Cladding

Certified Pipe Fabrication Craftsmen

Our craftsmen are hand-selected and we manage our projects with attention to every detail, keeping safety and the deadline on target. Pinnacle manages a quality assurance and quality control program that exceeds industry standards. First-time quality is a high-focus. We are adept in all aspects of quality control, including an often-overlooked component necessary and critical to minimize or eliminate rework saving you time and money.

Pinnacle is committed to consistently producing results that exceed industry standards. We ensure the fabrications are absolutely of the highest quality and dimensional accuracy to help ensure ease of installation and schedule compliance.